Cold Plunge

Long before I understood the health benefits, I have been doing cold plunges and polar bear swims. Living near the cold waters of Puget Sound, it is easy to find sub-50 degree water.

Recently purchased and received the Edge Tub from Edge Theory Labs. After looking at several other options, Edge Tub won out due to portability and cooling capacity. The tub inflates quickly with the supplied pump. I was surprised at how fast it inflated and how rigid it is. Additionally, not having a hard, fixed tub does make it seem less of an investment. Cooling capability was the other factor. I have been able to get the tub below 37 degrees. The fan does work best when there is good air flow and is powerful, so it is about as loud as a washing machine when cooling.

The setup is in the laundry room, so the location is not exotic yet it makes getting a daily plunge possible.

Overall, very happy with the Edge Tub.