The Blue Angels are back in Seattle for Seafair. With a few days off, I took the kids down to see them. It was quite a thrill. Have a great Seafair and weekend!

Found this today and it worth the 3:05. Have a great weekend.

Check: The Dueling Fiddlers

I finally got a decent shot of one of the two snow leopard cubs at Woodland Park Zoo. Mac fanboys can rejoice! These cubs are a tough shoot. They are very quick and curious and seem to know how to not be photographed. Enjoy the wallpaper. I will keep photographing them.

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1600 x 690 Snow Leopard

1280 x 552 Snow Leopard

Check out the snow leopards at Woodland Park Zoo.

Nice read on recent findings on my favorite beverage.

WSJ: Good News in the Daily Grind

Climbing Wall
My toddler-aged son has loved the climbing walls at various playgrounds around Seattle this summer. With the start of the rain, which should stop sometime in April, the playgrounds have been a little wet and cold. I wanted to encourage this new love since it combines physical and metal challenges and came up with the idea of building an indoor climbing wall. I did not want to get too over the top with bolting boards to my new refinished basement.

Instead, I thought that attaching a 3/4″ plywood board to the Bowflex might be a better bet. A little online research led me to some great instructions at Three Ball Climbing. REI had a very reasonable set of bolt-on chips by Metolius. It turned into a great father/son project. The only thing better was the boy getting all the way up to the top within the first ten or so tries.

My original post from May is proving popular. So here is another wallpaper.

Mt Rainier is a PNW icon. This panoramic was recently taken on another cold, clear autumn morning with my trusty Xpan. Short hike made a challenge in the darkness before dawn. As usual, 3 sizes are available. Select the link of the size below:

1600 x 605 Mt Rainier from Dege Peak

1280 x 484 Mt Rainier from Dege Peak

1024 x 387 Mt Rainier from Dege Peak

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Great time of year for the smoker. I always make sure to get at least two salmon smoked in the late summer. Less fuel needed and better fish. There are many different recipes and methods. For example, the flower pot smoker as a DIY project. Check out the link on Dave Naffziger’s blog.

Happy Labor Day!

Dave Naffziger’s Blog: The Alton Brown Flower Pot Smoker

My original post from May is proving popular. So here is another view from Kerry Park in Seattle

Seattle’s skyline from Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood is one of my favorite views of the city. This panoramic was recently taken on a cold, clear autumn morning with my trusty Xpan. Different light from a more southernly sun. For this weekend edition, I am making this wallpaper available for all now 8 (Count’em 8 daily readers. Thanks!) of my readers in 3 sizes. Select the link of the size you want below:

1600 x 555 Seattle Skyline

1280 x 444 Seattle Skyline

1024 x 355 Seattle Skyline

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iGoogle is Now Social: Google Launches Social Gadgets

Google Gadgets now have social features. This will be very interesting. I have developed Google Gadgets. Making them social is a great move. Like the linked Read Write Web article states, it will be a little while before the developer community makes most of these new features.

Gadgets are a great way to drive traffic. The two gadgets for my photography portfolio site drive 80% of the traffic. The Google Gadget above can be found at

As my 2 regular readers know, photography is a hobby bordering on obsession.

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Have a great weekend!