Carroll Shelby

Recently had the opportunity to visit Shelby American in Las Vegas. Loved this bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

Full Timeline Article:

April 1962: CSX 2000, the first Cobra, is painted a pearlescent yellow by Dean Jeffries and shipped to the New York auto show, where it appears in the Ford display. “I think I paid him $200,” Shelby recalls, “Actually I don’t think I paid him at all. Maybe I traded him something for the work.” With dealer orders and deposits coming in, Shelby American formally commits to building the Cobra.

May 1962: Shelby promotes the new Cobra by offering test drives to the automotive press. The May 1962 issue of Sports Car Graphic describes the Cobra’s acceleration as “explosive.” CSX 2001 (the second Cobra built) is shipped by from England to New York and is prepped by Ed Hugas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CSX 2002 is shipped out to Los Angeles and built into the first race-ready Cobra.

June 1962: Shelby American deals with start-up problems resulting in slower than anticipated production. The AC chassis the Cobra uses requires extensive re-engineering for Shelby’s intended application. Meanwhile, CSX 2000 is repainted a new color each time a different magazine test drives it, giving the appearance of many cars in production.