Is Sales strategic?

I have been digging into the Sales Enablement space lately. Initially my focus was on user adoption of CRM systems. Sales Enablement implemented properly will boost user adoption of sales force automation tools under the CRM fold. One concern I have is how sales enablement systems are being sold. “Clone your best reps” is the general gist. Too many companies try to increase sales by hiring more reps. Check any sales job posting. Terms like “Possess strong relationships” or “Rolodex” are common. Too often too little is done to full arm those reps with the passion for the product and company. The company is looking for a Rolodex and the sales rep supplies it. It may even lead to increased sales and revenue, but it is no guarantee. Many in sales cannot answer the simple question, “Why is the prospect going to buy?”

So is Sales strategic or a means to an end?

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