Or how to make 20 Buck Chuck…

A friend, who works for Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures, mentioned this “hyperdecanting” method in passing — over beers. He had not tried it. I was intrigued.

I now consider myself a budget oenophile and enjoy surprising friends with how good a decanted bottle of Charles Shaw Cabernet can taste. Myhrvold’s hyperdecanting method consists of blending the wine at high speed to maximize the air exposure to the wine. I found that 30 seconds on high greatly improved the wine. I have not done any blind tastings but I would rate a hyperdecanted Charles Shaw Cabernet with a wine that cost ten times as much.

If you have a blender and $2 (plus tax) give it a shot.


When I first moved to Seattle, I could not tell the difference between an espresso and freeze dried Taster’s Choice. That changed in a hurry. I now have a strong regular habit. I even brought a Starbucks Barista® Espresso Machine into the office of a former employer to slow my espresso burn rate. The Barista® is a great machine and would recommend it. Note: the new version is called Saeco® Via Venezia Espresso Machine.

From time to time, people ask for recommendations on coffee. Here are some of my favorites.

Cafe Umbria Terra Sana Fair Trade Organic
Great coffee from one of my favorite cafe’s in Pioneer Square.

Trader Joe’s Kauai Coffee and Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan
Great coffee without a huge price.

Starbucks Ethiopia Sidamo
The old standby. Can’t go wrong with it.

Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo
Newer addition to the Starbucks roster. Very good.

Tully’s Italian Roast
Tully’s uses Starbucks old facility and produces a more mild coffee. Preferred by some. This is a great option.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Kona Peaberry
If you are going to spend on Kona might as well make it Peaberry. Buy 6 and get a free pound. Expensive and excellent.

Koa Coffee Plantation Kona Peaberry
If there is a “more affordable” Kona, it is Koa Coffee Plantation. I love their 5 lb bag option!

Happy Caffeinated Weekend.