MLB MLBPA Pension Reform from 1985

Early Wynn from 1985:

“Modern ballplayers tell us, ‘Too bad, you should have invested better. But on salaries of 10 to 15 thousand dollars a year, how many in­vestments could you make? They could at least triple the pension for the old guys and give us hospitalization.”

“When I went to the players union last year looking tor more money for my old-timers, I was told, ‘We don’t want to discuss it now. Let’s discuss it just before the next Basic Agreement comes due in 1989.”

“I said to the union, ‘I can’t wait that long, fellas. By that time, an­other 150 people who need your help will be dead.”

@sportingnews, May 16, 1985 p.16

Today there are just over 500 former MLB alums remain.