Kalakala close to the end

Kalakala Ferry leaves Seattle, March 2004The Kalakala Ferry leaves Seattle, March 2004

A piece of Seattle history is likely to finally meet its end in what has been a long and sad decline. The Kalakala, a beautiful art deco ferry, served the Seattle to Bremerton route for decades. After being rescued from live as a fish canary in Alaska the many rescue attempts have all been fruitless in their attempts to return the ship to it’s glory. There is news that she has now been battered by the recent storm. When she was towed from Lake Union in Seattle, people turned out in droves to see the ferry go through Ballard Locks to see a bit of Seattle history. Many were sentimental remembering when they rode the ferry. While I never did, I will admit to getting caught up in the nostalgia.

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