Read: Why Twitter is underhyped and is probably worth 5 to 10 billion dollars

Interesting post by Robert Scoble: Why Twitter is underhyped and is probably worth five to 10 billion dollars.

Some points to ponder for sure. I would add the following:
1) Businesses seeing ROI generally do not ever share that data. Build all the trust you want. They may have a model to discuss, but in my experience, it is often less than actual.

2) Silicon Valley tech bloggers don’t travel very often and don’t actually meet with real businesses. It is about time some one in Silicon Valley actually said this outloud.

3) Business understands Twitter as a communication path. Business does not understand selective communication paths like Facebook. Plus they can already communicate selectively via e-mail.

Happy reading.

WSJ: Twitter as trading tool

There has been a lot of talk about social CRM (sCRM) and Twitter. The implications for consumer based offerings is clear. In the enterprise, marketing has use cases.

The WSJ has an interesting look at how traders are using Twitter.
Money quote: “Analysts said the service seems well-suited for a sector that devours new bits of information about the condition of crops or livestock, as well as political or regulatory developments and market moves.”

Ask yourself, does this sound like your business? You need to be where your clients and prospects are. If they are on Twitter, then get on Twitter.

WSJ: For Traders, Twitter Is One More Trading Tool

TwInbox: Twitter in Outlook

Last week @ Cloudforce Seattle, demonstrated some impressive Twitter integration into their Service application. From a CRM perspective, you want to know what your customers are saying whether in sales or service. For Sales, it helps get you to personal faster. For service, it helps you show the love. In researching similar and related technologies, TwInbox for Outlook looks promising.

Check this Microsoft Showcase video about TwInbox: Office Casual: How to Twitter in Outlook (with TwInbox).