More love from Zappos…

So I just received another upgraded shipment from Zappos. These guys are great. I order a shoe and it is delivered within 48 hours. Cannot be more satisfied.

Then I read about this “calamituous RFP” (links: below) and think what kind of agencies would publicly complain? Don’t they know that it is bad, very bad, for business. It is literally a cardinal sin.

How’s Calamitous RFP Went Down
Zappos Review Ignites Agency Ire

I have lost my share of deals. It is never easy. It always makes me very upset. You have to learn to pick yourself up and move on. Never complain about it to anyone ever. If you do, it is a great way to get fired from existing accounts too. Think about it.

The lesson here is show the love. Zappos has done so for me and turned me into an advocate. The complaining agencies are shoing anti-love. The only thing your complaints have accomplished zero future work from Zappos and potentially other clients. Your complaints are now part of the web and only a Google (or Bing) search away. Nicely done.

There is another lesson here in analytics for marketing and sales collateral, but that will be in a future CRM post.

Remember kids,  if you cannot say anything nice, do not say anything at all.

Buy your shoes @ Zappos!