Edgar Martinez final at bat October 3, 2004
Edgar’s final at bat

Edgar Martinez was overlooked by the Baseball Writers of America again yesterday. Total shame.
The DH rule has been in place for 40 years this season. Ironically, the rule is older than the Mariners.
The statistics are real and even more impressive given the steroid fueled era in which he played.
He lead teams by example: 7 All Star Games, 2 batting titles and 4 playoff appearances. It is time for a truly great DH to be honored at Cooperstown.

As is often said in baseball, “Wait ’til next year.”

First perfect game in Mariners history. Leading the AL in strikeouts. Perfect game. Cy Young contender. A memorable season.

Here are two fans who are excited to be a part of the next King’s Court!

Felix Fans in King's Court