Greg Gottesman at RSVC2

Start-Up Culture by VC Greg Gottesman from Foster School of Business on Vimeo.

Last month Greg Gottesman accepted my invitation and spoke at Rock Star Venture Capitalist #2. He did an awesome job going through 13 characteristics of great companies as he has observed through his many years in the VC game. Check out some of the highlights and the original post on the Foster Unplugged blog.

Thanks again to Greg, a true Rock Star!

Thanks Greg Gottesman!

Greg Gottesman

A big thank you to Greg Gottesman for speaking at my Rock Star Venture Capitalist Series last night. The Paccar Hall room was packed with MBA’s, biotech PhD’s, Computer Science graduate and undergraduates as well as folks from Cheezburger and the Seattle startup community.

Greg gave an excellent talk on startup culture, funding tips and his famous Junior Mint story. Greg is a true “Rock Star” who has my appreciation and thanks.