Thanks Brad!

Brad Feld @ UW!

Huge thank you to Brad Feld for accepting my invitation to come talk to UW. In spite of the snow, which ridiculously shuts the city down, approximately 80 people from MBAs, biotech PhD candidates, computer science graduate students, VCs, entrepreneurs and the local startups Impinj, BigDoor made their way to Paccar Hall at University of Washington last night.

Brad kept the audience interested with a wide range of topics from marathon running as an analogy for business and why we will all have embedded electronics in 20 years. Questions ranged from TechStars to startup visa and intellectual property and how to get more connected to entrepreneurial communities. Brad blogged about it here.

His book Do More Faster is a must read. If for anything, you learn why Brad wants to grow up to be just like the Jedi Master Yoda.